A Unique Landform

Mountains in Normandy?


This statement will no doubt come as a surprise to many. And yet, as you travel through this part of Normandy, it is striking to find similarities with national mountain ranges such as the Jura, the Alps,and the Pyrenees.

We’re not in the “high mountains”, that’s for sure, but rather in the “low mountains”. What do these areas in Normandy, such as the Suisse Normande, the Collines Normandes, the Alpes Mancelles and the Montagnes de Normandie, have in common? The answer is that they are all part of the Armorican Massif. More than 500 million years ago this ancient mountain range had peaks of almost 5,000 metres high. Time geologically speaking has gradually eroded these high landforms into the undulating valleys. It’s mainly the slopes, valleys and rocky escarpments that give the area its mountainous feel.

What an opportunity to explore these surprisingly rugged areas! Here, watercourses play a key role in the origins of our landscapes.