The Gorges of the Rouvre

A tributary of the Orne, the river Rouvre flows for some forty kilometres through the granite rocks of the Armorican Massif. It has a natural gradient that creates a torrential current.

The Rouvre

The Rouvre carved out its valley between the ice ages of 10,000 and 100,000 years ago.

Its valley is incredibly picturesque and is one of the highlights of the Suisse Normande region. Whilst the river no longer affects the immense valley it carved out, the result of its erosion is the many rocky outcrops such as the 118-metre sheer drop of the Roche d’Oëtre. Deep gorges sustain the mountainous character of this part of Normandy. Where the forest gives way to hedgerows, dry stone walls and meadows strewn with granite rocks, the river has brighter sections.

The wildlife that frequents this torrent is unusual: trout, salmon and other fish such as the sculpin enjoy its swift, cold, well-oxygenated waters. This sensitive natural area is also home to emblematic animal species such as the otter and the rare fresh water pearl mussel, which can live for almost 100 years buried in the sand and gravel of the Rouvre. But the quality of the water must also be good, so polluters beware…


Where to find the gorges de la Rouvre?

From the Roche d’Oëtre via the Gorges Trail (2.5 km loop) and the Granite Trail (8.7 km loop).

From the Maison du Paysage in Bréel. A place of environmental discovery, nature, river wildlife, and countryside located in a refurbished former mill on the banks of the Rouvre, with a biodiversity information point, a little café, a shop, games and trails…

At the Chant des Cailloux in Taillebois along the Chant des Cailloux trail (7 km loop).

At Rouvrou in Ménil Hubert sur Orne along the Meander Trail (4 km loop).

Fishing in the Rouvre Valley

From the Chant des Cailloux to Taillebois to La Roche d’Oëtre: the river Rouvre offers an idyllic landscape and a large population of wild trout. Fishing techniques change with the seasons (toc, fly and lures).

Good Tip: from the Maison de la Rivière (Ségrie-Fontaine) to the Roche d’Oëtre, there is a no-kill fishing trail for all techniques.

The 1km “Pêche-Nature” course is open to the general public (families, people with reduced mobility) and offers the chance to discover the joys of fishing in complete safety.