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flers-Mai 1949 grande rue

An App / Game that helps you explore the history of the reconstruction of Flers after its destruction in WW2

This new discovery trail has been created to showcase Flers’ post-war reconstruction heritage.

This App helps raise awareness of the historical background of the post-war buildings that you can see while having fun through the App.

The town of Flers was bombed on 6 June 1944. The air raids did not stop until 15 June and continued sporadically until the town was liberated on 17 August 1944. 70% of the town was destroyed, including most of the town centre. It would take three years to clear the rubble and design the future town.
The heritage of the Reconstruction, often disparaged, has now been brought back into the limelight thanks to the ” Ville Patrimoine de la Reconstruction” label set up by the Normandy Region.
We invite you to discover Flers’ Reconstruction heritage whilst walking its streets. Find out about the men who rebuilt the town, the new techniques used and the skills of local craftsmen.

Twenty-six questions over a three-kilometre route will help you take a fresh look at the town of Flers and understand why it looks as it does today.

Specific features of the buildings: height of walls (2 to 4 storeys), alignment of facades, concrete cladding, brickwork for framing, porthole windows and glass blocks.

Development of a co-ownership system, accommodation, water, electricity networks and central heating.
Materials used: granite rubble (stone from old buildings), prefabricated concrete cladding, concrete rendering, reinforced concrete covered with purple Clécy puddingstone, and facades in pink granite from Perros-Guirrec in Brittany.

Specific features in Flers: screen walls, glass paving stones, 4 sculptures, ironwork.

People involved in Reconstruction in Flers: Pierre Communal (architect), Pierre Boulanger (town planner), Hodiesne (ironwork), Eugène Claudius-Petit (Minister for Reconstruction), Pierre Leportier (Mayor of Flers).

The game in detail

-Distance of the circuit: 3 km
-26 questions to discover the main sites of Flers’ Reconstruction heritage and its characters!

Free of charge

Where can you find the Flers Reconstruction Discovery Trail?

Paper version: ask for the leaflet at the Tourist Information Office in Flers
Digital version:
-Download the App for App Store and Google Play Store)
-Loan of digital tablets (10 tablets available – one tablet for 2 or 3 people) from the Flers Tourist Information Office (deposit required).