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Immerse yourself in meeting producers and craftspeople… Spend a few hours or a day in a workshop, discover their trade and their know-how, and get your hands dirty alongside these local producers who promote the local produce!

La Ferme Sans Nom

Normandy’s first independent artisan seed company

Juliette and Sylvain produce home-grown vegetable seeds adapted to the region’s growing conditions.

They have set up the Ecole Paysanne de la Ferme Sans Nom, where they pass on their farming knowledge and know-how, to help anyone who wants to move towards self-production and a better understanding of the ecosystems and landscapes that shelter us. You can find the training programme on their website.

Bréel 61100 Athis-Val-de-Rouvre – – 

La Cuisine du Milieu

Asian cookery workshops using local, seasonal produce

HĂ©lĂšne created La Cuisine du Milieu to pass on her family recipes from South-East Asia and her food culture inherited from her Chinese-Cambodian upbringing, and influenced by her encounters on her travels and Chinese dietetics. She cooks by adapting her dishes to the ingredients available close to home, to her health at the time and to the seasons! Her aim is to make this vision of food and health accessible to as many people as possible. Do these issues appeal to you too? Join her workshops and come and share her colourful, nutritious and tasty dishes!

Bréel 61100 Athis-Val-de-Rouvre –

Le jardin de l'ĂȘtre

Distillation of aromatic and medicinal plants, from harvest to hydrolat

Gaëlle works in harmony with her land to help you feel better, through plants, touch and massage. She distils her plants and offers to share this practice with you during a workshop. You can find her at local markets or in the garden by appointment.

Bréel 61100 Athis-Val-de-Rouvre –

Herbe au Vent

Virginie is a farmer-herbalist who produces, wild-cleans and processes organic medicinal plants. She makes simple and blended herbal teas, spirits, oily macerates and plant balms. The courses and training sessions are designed to familiarise you with the practice of herbalism and to help you become more self-sufficient in your day-to-day care.

La Carneille 61100 Athis-Val-de-Rouvre –


Cuisine La pérégrine

Discover new flavours, enjoy cooking and create new recipes: Sophie will be delighted to share her passion for cooking with you.

Au Domaine de la Boderie Ă  Sainte-Honorine-la-Chardonne

The ceramics workshop

Ceramist Philippe Loizé creates unique pieces for decorative or domestic use. He works in a range of stoneware and porcelain, uses natural raw materials and oxides to produce all his glazes, and opts for high-temperature firing. Courses for adults and children available at the studio or on site.

61100 Landigou

Le Manoir de Durcet

Two-hour cocktail workshop.

Pascal and Jocelyne Breton welcome you to share their passion. Situated in the heart of the bocage region of the Orne, this dairy and cider-processing farm has been the family home since 1930. For three generations, cider, juice, pommeau, calvados, cocktails and liqueurs have been made on the premises.

Durcet 61600 Magny-le-désert  –

La Boutique de Laurence

Cookery workshop: chocolate, jam…

Processing of fruit, flowers and vegetables, jams, jellies, fruit jellies, chutneys and pickles. Chocolate and biscuit making.

Ségrie Fontaine 61100 Athis-Val-de-Rouvre –

La Ferme de la BĂ©rouette

Natural dyeing, garden forest design

The aim of this experimental community farm is to promote sustainable development through the sale of farm produce with the greatest respect for the environment: market gardening, fruit, cider products, pig, chicken, sheep and wool rearing.

61100 Caligny – 

Catalina Perisa, artisan chocolatier

Originally from Flers, this chocolate enthusiast invites you to discover her world and her creations, all made in the workshop visible from the shop through a glass roof. Chocolate bars, boxes of gouache/praline sweets, fruit jellies, spreads, orangettes, mendiants… step through the door of the shop to your taste buds’ delight. Workshops are scheduled throughout the year.

61100 Flers