Greenway Flers to Domfront

Take a walk, cycle or ride a horse along the restored former railway lines in a special setting and in complete safety.

A route of almost 85 km from the outskirts of Flers to the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel lets you discover the hedged farmland of the bocages, the mining heritage, the medieval town of Domfront and the Varenne valley.

The stabilised surface is ideal for running, horse-riding, walking and mountain biking
From La Selle-la-Forge to Domfront: 20 km
The main access points to the greenway are:
– La Selle-la-Forge (lieu-dit Fumeçon),
– Messei,
– Le Châtellier,
– Saint-Bomer-les-Forges,
– La Haute-Chapelle,
– Saint-Mars d’Egrenne.

There are a number of places of interest to discover:
– the megalithic bridge and the chapel of Les Roches at Le Châtellier,
– the Varenne forges and the Cerisier chapel in Champsecret,
– the Nocherie manor house in Saint Bômer les Forges.