Song of the Stones

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Arriving at the Chant des Cailloux in the valley of the Rouvre, you’ll find a field of half-buried rocks delicately laid out on a vast green carpet since the dawn of time.

Stop off on the banks of the Rouvre at the Chant des Cailloux in Taillebois where everything exudes serenity. The greenery enhances the stones, or perhaps the other way around. The river Rouvre flows here, sometimes a swift and noisy torrent, sometimes a gentle and murmuring river.
It’s an ideal spot for a stroll or a picnic with the kids (there are picnic tables on site). This atypical and magical little spot with the river and numerous flat rocks on the ground makes it a real playground for the little ones and a real haven of peace for adults!

It’s also the starting point for a no less extraordinary 8km hike: Le chant des Cailloux.


Le Chant des Cailloux is also a favourite spot for kayakers, who challenge the white water of the Rouvre from autumn to spring.


 Le chant des cailloux, 61100 TAILLEBOIS / ATHIS-VAL-DE-ROUVRE