Road Trip around the Suisse Normande

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The invitation to travel is in the name! All along this superb tourist route, you’ll be amazed by some unusual places: picturesque views, deep gorges, rivers, exceptional natural sites, grandiose panoramas, rocky escarpments, typical Normandy hedged bocages, lush green farmland and stone houses.

Panorama du site de la roche d'oetre dans l'Orne
Rivière du site de la Roche d'Oëtre

The 120km route is well signposted.

Things to watch out for on your trip:

The natural and protected site of La Roche d’Oëtre, the Meander of the Orne at Saint-Philbert, the Rouvre valley, the Maison du Paysage, the Noireau valley, the Berjou Liberation Museum, the Vère valley, the Flers Chateau Museum, the thousand-year-old yew trees at Lande Patry, the Mont de Cerisy, the “Open-air interior” garden in Athis, the garden of the Manoir de la Boisnerie in Sainte-Honorine-la-Chardonne, the lake de la Queue d’Aronde and the Bois Charles Meunier Velay in Athis-de-l’Orne, the beautiful Chant des Cailloux in Taillebois, the ancient village of La Carneille, Les Tourailles and its basilica, the strangely painted church of Ménil-Gondouin, Putanges-le-Lac, the lake at Rabodanges, the gorges of St Aubert…and so much more.

The tour continues into the department of Calvados with the 65km Suisse Normande tourist route to the iconic sites around Clécy, such as the Rocher des Parcs, the Route des Crêtes and the Rochers de la Houle.


BIT de la Roche d’Oëtre

61430 Saint-Philbert-sur-Orne

BIT de Flers 4, Place du Docteur Vayssière 61100 Flers