Geocaching – The Treasures of Flers Agglo

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Set off on a smartphone treasure hunt and delve into the mining heritage of Saint-Clair-de-Halouze. You’ll discover the sites of the old iron ore mine as you follow the life of “Dani le Rouge”, who will tell you all about his childhood in the miners village, his employment in the mine, his work at the bottom of the pit and the comradeship of his fellow miners known as “les gueules rouges” (“the red faces” due to the colour of the mined ore)… Help him find his equipment along the way.

Your search for the 10 treasures that are always hidden near a natural or cultural heritage feature will transform your walk into a fun adventure.

The “Things to know” section turns the treasure hunt into a reality visit to the site with the sounds, photos and videos taking you back to how they were!